FF7 Decompilations

Parts of FF7 have been reverse engineered and decompiled by https://github.com/ergonomy-joe, their partial sources can be recompiled into functioning binaries.

This is a quick guide to compile and execute his projects.


Starting from Windows 10

  1. Install FF7 1998 and choose maximum install

Mount the iso using virtual clone drive and install to C:\ff7

  1. Install FFNx

Unzip the archive into C:\ff7 and run the .reg file.

  1. Install Visual Studio 2008

Mount the iso using virtual clone drive and run the installer

  1. Download Direct X 5 SDK

Run the installer to unzip to C:\dx5sdk

  1. Download one or all of ergonomy-joe’s projects
  1. Unzip his projects and update the .vcproj

The vcproj file reference \VC50PROCD1\DXSDK5 change this to C:\dx5sdk throughout

  1. Open the .sln in visual studio 2008 and build the project

  2. Reduce the color mode to 16bit on the exe

Right click the exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Reduced Color mode 16 bit

My github forks contain precompiled binaries.

FF7 Coaster

Double click the exe to run


image image

FF7 Chocobo


Different Compilations:

image image image image

FF7 Worldmap


image image image

While still dark, text shows up better when not using VMware Workstation image